I’ve been tempted to try Reiki for a while now and I’m so grateful I found the Celestial Reiki Chakra Balancing sessions with Mariah. The sessions themselves have been amazing, uplifting, peaceful, calming experiences. Mariah is so kind, welcoming, calming, gifted and wise – a true healer. Immediately after my first session I felt so relaxed and at peace. It was like years of accumulated stress had melted away and I could think clearly. The feeling of relaxation has stayed with me, and after my second session I’ve never felt so grounded and centered. Going through the day with this strengthened connection to source has made life in general go much smoother. I’ve noticed my relationships improve, I’m able to manage stressful moments much better than before and things I’ve been wanting and waiting for have now fallen into place. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for peace, to reduce their anxiety or to improve their general well-being and connection to source. ~Jackie F.
Mariah’s work has allowed me to heal the emotional issues that were stuck in my body and especially in my foetusself.. She was a “witness” to the pain that I had suffered and has allowed me to move forward in my emotional, physical and spiritual healing. ~Marine S.


I had a wonderful session with Mariah! It was my first time experiencing celestial Reiki and the sounds of the singing bowls began and ended my journey. I could feel the waves of energy working their way through my fields and I could sense where they were coming upon areas that were stuck or blocked. Mariah took her time with each section to sense, clear and guide the energy along until things were flowing smoothly again. By the time I heard the singing bowl at the end I felt lighter, clearer, refreshed and renewed. This time the sound of the bowl resonated in my heart chakra area, which was a wonderful sensation (and way to finish!). Thank you Mariah <3 ~Winter B.


Had an amazing, calm, soothing, healing Reiki session with Mariah for my migraines. ~Angela M.


I have had several therapy sessions with Mariah, from reiki to vibrational healing, and have found spiritual, physical and mental relief in my experiences. Highly recommended. ~Ali P.


Every session I’ve had with Mariah (reiki, singing bowls, tuning forks) has been relaxing, and professional. She creates a personalized experience every time by addressing specific needs and focusing on finding and releasing negative energy. She helps me to assess my own being and energy and I find I feel calmer and focused after each session! ~Courtney M.