Emotions, Sound, Crystal Matrix, Light and... Connective tissue

This is an important link between our energetic body and physical body. Light and sound play a particularly profound role in health. The connective tissue in our body holds the keys to the the flow of energy. Our emotional reactions to life can either get stuck within the connective tissue (by suppressing them) or we can express, liberate and heal... continuing with the flow of energy and life. This is why brushing emotions under the rug and ignoring them does not help us to create better lives. Emotions that are unresolved can actually get stuck in the connective tissue, this blocks the flow of energy within the body which can then affect the health of the physical body.

Express, acknowledge, release and let go.

Connective Tissue

Research is revealing that the body is made of unique molecular liquid crystalline structures. These living structures can create transmit, and receive biophotons to facilitate communication between tissues and molecules. This communication also relies upon a quantum field of biophotons. These two processes-the crystalline and the quantum-interact to spread information around the body.

This crystal matrix is critical for health, as it interconnects a person’s internal self with the environment. Light travels through the body’s crystal matrix into the DNA, which then produces “bio-holograms” that create the body. The most conductive light-matrix is the connective tissue, the largest organ in the body. The connective tissue is crystalline information; the collagenous molecules that encase the organ are liquid crystals and the other, firmer tissues are considered solid crystals. The collagen molecules are also interesting in that they are semiconductors, able to convey electricity and information. The connective tissue can therefore process information just like the semiconductor chips in your computer.

Many researchers suggest that the meridians operate through the connective tissue. We see that meridians have a lower electrical resistance compared to the surrounding skin. When stimulated, the meridian points cause the production of endorphin's and cortisol. (Non-meridian points do not create this effect.) The connective tissue is therefore considered one of the primary participants in the subtle energy anatomy, interlinking the biophoton and the quantum, or subtle, with the physical.

Sound and Connective Tissue

Sound, one of the basic mechanical energies, is present everywhere and serves as a healing mechanism.

Every part of the body, from the cells to the toes, moves. Movement produces sound. The resulting sound waves and fields help regulate more than 50 percent of the body’s biological processes. This is accomplished through the ligand/receptor interaction discussed in “The biochemical Side of Emotions”. These interactions occur on every cell surface through sound frequencies between 20-20,000 Hz, the range of human hearing. There are special sound pathways in the body, however, that convey sound from site to site. Sound enters through the cranial bones and hearing apparatus and travels through the body via the connective tissue. It uses water to speed vertically through the body at nearly five thousand feet per second. This transmission slows or stops when the connective tissue is too thick, inflexible, or dry-problems often created by incomplete emotional experiences. In a complete emotional experience, someone undergoes an event and has an emotional reaction, such as sadness and fear. The emotions initially cause a bodily disturbance such as tension or tightening If allowed to fully sense and express the feelings, the person’s body releases and returns to an equilibrium. If the person is unable to express the feelings or receive the needed comfort or validation, the body will remain tense and the tissue, especially connective tissue, will become blocked. Sound cannot flow through inflexible tissue as easily. Sound can, however, stimulate the blocked emotions and trigger the original memories or feelings.

The Subtle Body, Cyndi Dale

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