DNA and Sound

Like Hans Jenny, Manny shamans of yesteryear believed that sound was the origin of everything. They knew how to coalesce pictures of reality out of sound, even to effect genetic healing. This was done by many Amazonian shamans, who created three-dimensional images out of sound as part of their doctoring.

Sound has been considered so primordial that one of its scales, called the solfeggio, was kept secret for hundreds of years. The solfeggio is a six-note scale and is also nicknamed the "creational scale." Traditional Indian music calls this scale the suptak, or seven steps, and relates each note to a chakra. These six frequencies, and their related effects, are as follows:

Do 396 Hz Liberating guilt and fear

Re 417 Hz Undoing situations and facilitating change

Mi 528 Hz Transformation and miracles (DNA repair)

Fa 639 Hz Connecting/relationships

Sol 741 Hz Awakening intuition

La 852 Hz Returning to spiritual order

Mi has actually been used by molecular biologist to repair genetic defects.

Some researchers believe that sound governs the growth of the body. As Dr. Michael Isaacson and Scott Klimek teach in a sound healing class at Normandale College in Minneapolis, Dr. Alfred Tomatis believes that the ear's first in utero function is to establish the growth of the rest of the body. Sound apparently feeds the electrical impulses that charge the neocortex. High-frequency sounds energize the brain, creating what Tomatis calls "charging sounds."

Low-frequency sounds drain energy and high-frequency sounds attract energy. Throughout all of life, sound regulates the sending and receiving of energy- even to the point of creating problems. People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder listen too much with their bodies, processing sound through bone conduction rather than the ears. They are literally too "high in sound."

Some scientists go a step further and suggest that sound not only affects the body but also the DNA, actually stimulating the DNA to create information signals that spread throughout the body. Harvard trained Dr. Leonard Horowitz has actually demonstrated that DNA emits and receives phonons and photons, the electromagnetic waves of sound and light. As well, three Nobel laureates in medical research have asserted that the primary function of DNA is not to synthesize proteins, but to perform bioacoustic and bioelectrical signaling.

While research such as that by Dr. Popp shows that DNA is a biophoton emitter, other research suggests that sound actually originates light. In a paper entitled "A Holographic Concept of Reality," which was featured in Stanley Krippner's book Psychoenergetic Systems, a team of researchers led by Richard Miller showed that superposed coherent waves in the cells interact and form patterns first through sound, and secondly through light.

This idea dovetails with research by Russian scientists Peter Gariaev and Vladimir Poponin [and his work with torsion energies]. They demonstrated that chromosomes work like holographic biocomputers using the DNA's own electromagnetic radiation to generate and interpret spiraling waves of sound and light that run up and down the DNA ladder. Gariaev and his group used language frequencies such as words (which are sounds) to repair chromosomes damaged by X-rays. DNA can be activated with linguistic expressions-or sounds- like an antenna. In turn, this activation modifies the human bioenergy fields, which transmit radio and light waves to bodily structures.

The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale

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