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This is a one on one program utilizing the creative process to move through blocks, and beliefs that are limiting the personal growth of the individual.  This process is targeted at individuals looking for their soul mission and soul path to an authentic and self celebratory life.  This program is developed between myself and the client and targeted at specific goals, each individual program will be different, and the outcome is based on the established goals and desires of each client.

Every client will receive one healing session and one reading per week during the length of the program.  This is so we can do an energy analysis on the client and to help clear energetic blocks. 

It is expected that the client puts aside at least 2 hours per day to dedicate to ritual and creative work during the 3 month long intensive.

The spiritual, creative, and material goals of each client will be analyzed and worked toward for the betterment of life, love, harmony, and abundance. 


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Exchange $333 p/mo - $999 p/mo