Love. Create. Thrive.



Creative Alchemy.  This is a program designed for those that have gone through a good grip of the healing journey, those that spent the last 7 or so years (or lifetimes) getting hit hard with the cosmic shifting and transmutation of global energies.  This is a one on one coaching program, as well as intensives, online workshops and programs, and the written word.  Within the new energies we are entering into, life will become much less work to survive and much more do what you love.  Because most people have been living inside the modern matrix world for so long this idea along with passions and purpose are going to shift into more heart centered living. 


It takes time and effort to reorient your spirit and heart into living in this way, my mission is to help people find their true path and true calling through the creative process, spiritual connection and engagement, and releasing.  Art, music, writing, and movement, are all quantum creations, meaning, the produced outcomes work more as energetic spiritual and emotional intelligence that reorient the soul subtly, instead of rational intelligence and obvious material shifts.  Sometimes we cannot communicate with words, and that is when we create art, music communicates directly with the soul, visual art communicates the heart, dance and movement communicate and connects spirit and body, and writing communicates the mind and logic to all three. 


This is an overhauling of the mind, body, and soul, that you create, produce, and discern through your own faculties.  I will be there for you to hold space and help you navigate.  This is not a “how to” be spiritual, this a “how to” be your authentic self liberated from the confines of the past. These skills are going to become much more potent, and important in the coming years.  Learning your souls truth through signs, symbolism and subconscious mental process are the keys to unlocking who and what you are and what your mission is.  You will be communicating directly with your spirit and your heart. You will be working directly with the quantum world of beliefs through symbols, sounds, and movement, clearing the old programing and expanding the higher dimensional energies into your own life.