Mariah "Precious Light" Baretta

Mariah is a certified Reiki Master of Usui Reiki Ryoho, an initiate of the Toltec Shamanic Medicine Tradition, Sound Healer, and a Spiritual Counselor.

Mariah is a celestial channel and works with higher dimensional energies in sessions.  She is deeply connected to the Angelic and Archangelic realms as well as Elohim and Pleiadian energies.  


Mariah began her journey into energy healing with general studies in quantum physics, sound, and hands-on healing. Through apprenticeship and certifications in numerous fields of studies, she has developed original and powerful healing modalities based on the energetic disposition of each individual client. She uses techniques involving Reiki, tuning forks, sound, music, shamanic journeying, crystals, intention, and working with the conscious vs. subconscious mind. She is able to shift energy to open up and clear the light body and chakra system as to allow space for healing on a higher level.


She has experience as a yoga instructor, tarot, oracle card, and I Ching reader and has studied the dynamics of the science of spirituality on a personal level for the past 20 years. Through learning how to bypass constructed belief systems and find out what is at the heart of any challenge, we are able to make room for healing not only the body but the mind, emotions, and spirit as well.