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Mariah Baretta

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Artist statement:
My artwork is a channeling of energy and expression from higher realities.  The expression of the unlimited potential of the human soul through exaggeration, color, contrast, and emotional cues is my focus.  Within my work I convey a heart inspired movement towards our own inner truths. Each piece is meant to communicate a message that is original and authentic to the person viewing it.  It is meant to bring out truth, love, inspiration, action, connection, and strength.

Mariah's work is channeled from higher realms - her Goddess, Spirit Guide, and Angelic paintings are divinely inspired to raise the frequency state of individuals and help others connect to the Multidimensional Landscape as well as their own Spirit Team.  Within the Luminous Book and artwork are key light activation's woven into the imagery helping to merge Heaven and Earth.

Mariah Baretta is a multi-dimensional artist working with paint and canvas, landscapes, fabric, and music.  She is a Reiki master teacher, initiate of shamanism, and a sound healer - self certified Soul Physician and author.  Her imagination harnessed with her healing work is expressed through her artwork.  Her goal is to bring to life the unseen beauty of spirit into a recognizable and powerful form.  

Mariah studied landscape architecture at Colorado State University with studies in fine art, design, and fashion.  Mariah has been a professional artist selling artwork internationally.  

As a multi-media artist, Mariah was a DJ/turntablist and producer for over 15 years, a fashion designer curating lines for boutiques and abstract pieces specifically for fashion shows. She was an event producer, organizing, producing, and curating multi-media shows including dance, live music, DJ's, visual art, and fashion.




Tote bags. IPhone cases. Clothing. Mugs. Pillows.



Canvas wrapped. Photo Print. Acrylic Print. Metal Print. Framed.


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